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Facade systems

Facade systems for vertical and roof constructions

Facade system is made from the combination of timber and aluminium. Static bearing constrictions is made from glued bearing squared timber with wide of 60 mm and depth of 100 mm, 120 mm or 150 mm.  The inside of the construction is made from bearing squared timbers. On the outer side you can find izolating double-glass glazed using aluminium profiles with wide of 60 mm. We can mount windows and doors onto unopenable fixed surfaces.

Facade systems are used for constructions of glass building covers. They are also used for roof constructions which should lighten the interior and provide comfort for their users. Facade systems belong to modern tools of contemporary architecture.

Basic technical parameters

Fasádní systémy

  1. Izolating double-glass 4-16-4, U = 1,0 W/m²K  with layer of soft metal which ensure that ecaping reflection of thermal energy goes back to the room.
  2. Hermetic sealing of izolating glass using elastic sealing.
  3. Termodistance frame between glasses, so called warm border from stainless metal. Optimal wide of this frame is 16 mm.
  4. Glued spruce squared timber 60 x 100 (120, 150) mm according to desired bearing capacity.
  5. Plastic transition  between aluminium and wood – interrupted termal bridge.
  6. External aluminium profile in RAL hues or by sample book, flat or rounded, with wide of 60 mm.